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quietearth [Celluloid 10.12.09] United Kingdom movie trailer news comedy

We posted this horrific trailer for dogging from IFC a little while back to some pretty big boos.. now, here's the UK version. Much, much better.

Wannabe journalist Dan expected so much more after graduation.. but with no leads, little ambition and a girlfriend who would rather cosy up to the boss at the office, it's not exactly as he planned. In a bid to get his life back on track and coerced by his womanising flatmate, Dan is introduced to the risque sex scene that is Dogging. Encoutnering an array of qweird and wonderful characters looking for the ultimate high, it's quickly clear that the scene is ripe for an expose. Dropping his inhibitions in the name of research, Dan quickly becomes a regular player on the car park circuit, until he meets fellow thrill-seeker Laura and the totally unexpected hapens. He falls in love.

NSFW Trailer after the break.

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