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quietearth [Celluloid 10.09.09] movie apocalyptic news

"No more happy endings!"

That's what Trier had to say about his next, a $7.4mill English language project which will be a psychological disaster film with a bit of romance, and the usual dogme style handheld aesthetic. Reportedly, there will be some special effects, but nothing like a Hollywood film. While plot details haven't been revealed, Variety has this to say:

Title refers to Planet Melancholia, an enormous planet illustrated on the press release that looms threateningly close to Earth.

So I guess we can expect the imminent destruction of Earth through some incredibly bizzare or deviant storyline. Sounds good to me! Casting is underway and shooting is skedded for next summer.

And yes, that is the picture from the press release.

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UncleB (12 years ago) Reply



hysteria (12 years ago) Reply

Sounds interesting. I'd be curious to see this one.


Cracker (12 years ago) Reply

Cool poster.

But the Earth would destroyed before a planet that size ever came that close due to tidal forces exerted upon it.

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