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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.06.09] movie news cyberpunk scifi

Very interesting news tonight gang. We've just learned that documentary director, Frank Theys, is writing a feature film script based on the research he did for his decidedly cyberpunk documentary series from 2006 called 'Technocalyps.' The feature film will be called The Will to Virtuality.

From what I've seen of the original documentary, it is a really smart look at humanity's quest for immortality through science (which, let's face it, is probably the second most motivating factor next to our search for leisure). But, the film doesn't just focus on hard science. It also gets into how this quest effects art and culture and how the whole mess intersects to form the very fabric of who we are. Definitely themes we like in our scifi around these parts.

Aren't we still too human to improve humanity? A group of scientists is brought together around one goal: immortality. But everyone has a different agenda, leading to a Babelonic, ‘all too human’ chaos..

To give you a taste of just how cerebral The Will to Virtuality might just be, we've got a short clip from the documentary, Technocalyps after the break. Enjoy!

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Pat (12 years ago) Reply

ive seen the whole documentary. some freaks here in london did a private screening. was fun!


Lotus Eater (12 years ago) Reply

There will be a transgenic cybernetic population in the future. It is already here. It is accelerating in development.

The superman is being born. I only hope that the evil N.W.O. doesn't try to hog these technologies for themselves. Which they are attempting to do just that.

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