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quietearth [Celluloid 10.06.09] Hong Kong movie trailer news drama

Premiering at Pusan, Dead Slowly has a magnificently ambiguous synopsis which doesn't give us much of an idea what this film is about, maybe a meditation on loss? However, we do have one clue as 慢性中毒 translates to "chronic poisoning".

The so called “relationship” doesn’t existed, but only fictional relationship throughout the whole process: Rabbit is jumping through the hole of time, turning into the awakening of a lady, Mei, who gradually realizes herself living in the ambiguity of her life. Plainclothes policeman, Jing, remembers his past failure 8 years ago while he is investigating an ordinary food poison case. He traps into the casual relationship between present and past, devotes himself for the useless redemption and imagination for the suspect of the case, Mei. Ying, the younger sister of Mei, is losing her way, her love, her reliable sister, no way out, giving up is the only exit. Ching, the wife of Jing, who supposed to be outsider, her identity is the only thing of her: as the wife of Jing, as the mother of her son and the made-up relationship with Yin, a policeman in the police station, through other’s eyes. The longing for cutting and wiping out all of them, to reborn from death, is shutting down all relationship. In fact, is there nothing more than a dead female body for so much imagination, more stories inside her mind and more possibility for such reading for relationship?

Trailer after the break.

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loci (12 years ago) Reply

hehe at the credits "Dead Slolwy"

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