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quietearth [Celluloid 10.02.09] Argentina movie news action thriller

While ostensibly nothing new, Federico Cueva's second feature as director (his first was Sultanes del Sur) will interest many of our readers, following in the footsteps of many Heaven versus Hell films loaded with action. No, we're not thinking Legion, we're thinking something leaning more towards the arthouse end. The script is written by Pedro Cristiani, one of the writers on the fantastic Argentian subway scifi flick Moebius, and yes, we're excited. We've got a concept poster and a synopsis as the project is still in development, but that's it for now.

Tells the myth that exists in the centuries old confrontation in which the forces of light and darkness fight over the destiny of humanity. And the only thing that has been able to stop the shadows from winning this war is a single man: Lazarus, he who was raised from the dead.

Lazarus must face the Lodge and a new primitive force, Nathaniel, the same Angel who was sent two thousand years earlier to bring him back to the kingdom of the living, and now has returned to have his revenge against Lazarus and against the one who condemned him, the one who will be revealed in the Second Coming. Lazarus is in a race to reach the New Messenger before Nathaniel, the only one who can give him that which he so desires... his own death.

More as it comes!

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