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quietearth [Celluloid 09.21.09] movie news horror

While listed as "horror", Alejandro Agresti's latest sounds so utterly profound, I'm betting it will cross into some serious arthouse territory. We ran across this project a couple of days ago, and Agresti has been kind enough to share some information on what he calls his "obsession". I'll leave the synopsis below in his own words and while I can't tell you who he's currently in talks with, we'll say that he's an Oscar winner/genre film favorite for the lead.

The main character, Samuel Hogben, creates the device [television] two decades before the Official History tell us. He doesn't know what to do with it. He shares it with his friend Pablo Picasso who seems to find an application since the distortion on the primitive monitor inspires him to create Cubism. Hogben goes around with his invention, he meets Lenin, Freud, etc etc. His mental state deteriorates. He decides to kidnap people, to enclose them in a room and make them act while he can watch on a monitor. If they do a good job, he gives them food. If not, he lets them die.

Alejandro has also been kind enough to provide some storyboards which you can see after the break. Dig it!

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Pat (12 years ago) Reply

who's lightbulb head man? also why r the storyboards in comic style? looks odd.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

it sounds awesome. hope this one makes it


Hal (12 years ago) Reply

seems like this could be great mind food

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