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quietearth [Celluloid 09.17.09] Germany movie trailer news thriller mystery

From what it appears, this German feature from Anno Saul which stars Mads Mikkelsen is about loss and alternate time lines which allow you to do things over. Although, it looks like in each time line, someone has to die, and as there are no English subs available yet, possibly some secret organization which knows about this ability.

The film centers on the formerly successful painter David who has lost control over his life after being responsible for the death of his seven-year-old daughter Leonie through a fatal decision. One day, seven years later, he discovers a door which will give him the opportunity to start all over again. However, what initially appears to be a wonderful chance for a new beginning, soon turns out to be a veritable horror scenario, since not everything in the past is quite as it seems....

Trailer after the break.

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Bofred (13 years ago) Reply

What, if you loose somebody
The one you adore?
What, if you find a way
to make the accident undone?
David:"Max, can you keep a secret? I'm not the David you know. I'm five years older."
"The day before yesterday i found that door"
And behind.... Leonie.... Leonie is alive and I have a family."
Maya:"Happy birthday"
If you could cange your past
Leonie:"What have you done to dad? I've seen blood"
what would you do?
David: "Do you know what an guardian angel is?"
Leonie: "Are you one?"
David:"All fathers are, but your father wasn't there when it counted. I'm like him, but.."
David:"I'm trying."
Guy:"We are murderer, and this is the price for our luck. Sort of a entrance card, we all have paid this price"
Maya:"Who are you?"
David:"Listen to me, they're going to kill you, they're going to take Leonie away from you."
To the bestseller "Die Damalstür" from Akif Pirincci "The german Stephen King"
Maya:"I know what you did"
David:"Trust me, there is a better world for you"
Girl:"I've been distrustful for a long time, i have to learn to trust you again."
David:"We have to get out of here Maja, onto the other side."
Maja:"I'm her mother."
Die Tür (The door)
Coming soon to your cinema


Rachel (13 years ago) Reply

Is that Mads' actual voice? Sounds a bit off.


Luna (12 years ago) Reply

I like the film ist pretty cool, but much more I like Mads fight against climate chnage.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Pretty sure that Mads’ voice has been dubbed - the germans are experts in dubbing after doing it with all foreign movies for decades :-)

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