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quietearth [Celluloid 09.17.09] Japan movie news

That's right, from the mind which brought us the incredible Late Bloomer (Osoi Hito), an experimental film about a serial killer who is severely handicapped with cerebral palsy, comes a tale of the supernatural which is set to premier at the Tokyo Filmex. While very few details have emerged, we do have a brief synopsis from ryuganji:

Freeloader Shinsuke meets homeless Tsutomu & gets caught up in strange events when a battle erupts between supernatural beings.

Hopefully, it will be heavily experimental like Osoi Hito. More as it comes!

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blackholebird (13 years ago) Reply

man i hope there is a chance to see "late bloomer" first... i was stunned by the trailer, espescially because it uses a song by world's end girlfriend so perfectly!

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