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quietearth [Celluloid 09.15.09] trailer news short horror giallo

I guess Giallo is coming back in style, because this 2008 short from Jason Bognacki, which is still running the fest circuit, looks bloody incredible! And I do mean bloody folks. Wikipedia defines giallo as a genre of "horror and erotocism", originally based on the genre from books, but having taken on its own life in film "characterized by extended murder sequences featuring excessive bloodletting, stylish camerawork and unusual musical arrangements." Yes, this fits that description perfectly, and also borrows from Lynch. It's stunning.

Loma Lynda's: The Red Door is a modern Giallo film styled around the manic characters Loma and Lynda. This dark and stylish tale of love and murder takes place in the street's of Hollywood and in the bent mind of our herion, Lynda (Estefania Iglesias).

Trailer and teasers after the break. I'd recommend going to the official website for the high quality versions.

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thejamminjabber (13 years ago) Reply

looks fantastic.

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