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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.15.09] Japan movie trailer news action thriller

Tsuta Tetsuichiro's Island of Dreams has been collecting some serious accolades and now that I've seen the film's trailer I can see why. It is not only a breathtaking pastiche of monochrome thrillers from Japan's early 1960s, but also a modern minded eco movie (plus with Criterion's recent release of The Nikkatsu Noir box I've been loving the era lately).

Winner of the "Audience Award," at Pia 2009, we've also found out that the film is scheduled to have its international (i.e., outside-of-Japan) première at this year's Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) on October 4th, and to subsequently be screened there on October 5th.

Island of Dreams is a thriller in which a case-hardened cop is pitted against a young eco-terrorist. The title 'island' is an artificial construct in Tokyo Bay, a mountain of garbage, a by-product of Japan's economic boom years. The film's protagonist Alan works there, almost buried under society's detritus; his growing obsession with the search for 'what has been lost' turns him into a 'dangerous' activist. He targets the industrialist Wada, whose chemical factory secretly discharges toxic waste into the environment. But the cop Terayama, who
thought he'd seen it all, starts researching eco-activism and soon suspects the haunted, taciturn young man he's encountered in the neighborhood.

Check out the trailer for Island of Dreams after the break. via The Gomorrahizer

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