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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.09.09] post apocalyptic movie news

Those of you hoping to catch John Hillcoat's The Road next month might be disappointed to hear (via: /Film) that Dimension Films will (once again) be pushing back the release date of the film for a Thanksgiving release - November 25th 2009.

I can't see a real reason for this other than the company must think that the film has the potential to do some good business next to the other films opening that weekend. And hey, they might be right. Personally, given the choice to see The Road or Wes Anderson's talking animals movie, I'm going to the The Road.

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rcdude (12 years ago) Reply

On Thanksgiving weekend? I doubt alot of of people will be out an about at that time, but eh.


Wilcoy (12 years ago) Reply

Again...Man I cant believe this. I've been waiting and waiting like the guys in the cellar soon i'm going to go cannibal myself.


Damob (12 years ago) Reply

GODAMMIT! Not again.


chuck (12 years ago) Reply

Dammit! I want this movie to be good. I'm getting sick of waiting. I think the closer the release is to the holidays, the worse this film will do. Not exactly holiday fare...


Who Else (12 years ago) Reply

Mother F..sdnoindgin! Just like 2012, I'm on vacation from Nov to Dec, now I have to wait till 2010 to see either; in shock of all the stupid remakes upon remakes coming out and nothing good to see.


Hussman (12 years ago) Reply

Wow. Just. Wow. Are they trying to make everyone feel especially thankful or something? What a joke. Can only imagine how long it'll take for the DVD to come out.

Only reason I can see is that they want this as close to Oscar time as possible so Viggo's performance is fresh in everyone's memory.


soma (12 years ago) Reply

a real cheery film for thanks giving eh!!



RazedinBlack (12 years ago) Reply

NOOOOOOOOOOO....I couldnt wait for the October release and now this.


MZ (12 years ago) Reply

The year's worth of delays has zapped my interest in this movie. Jerking the audience around - I would think - is creating confusion and will dampen attendance.

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