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quietearth [Celluloid 09.09.09] movie trailer news horror

Yes, the same Jon Knautz who did the excellent Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer. This one looks like straight up horror, and I have to say I was a bit worried.. but it's looking mighty fine! Especially that scene of the bug or contraption thing going over the supine body.. yes!

After a young American backpacker goes missing in Europe, a group of journalists link his disappearance to a remote Polish village called Alvaina. Upon further investigation, the journalists discover that Alvaina has a history of bizarre cult activity revolving around human sacrifice. Hellbent on revealing the truth, they travel to the small village to uncover the story first hand. But after the discovery of an ancient stone statue hidden within the town, they quickly find themselves pursued by a mysterious and vengeful group of locals. Forced into the gruesome reality of true survival horror, the journalists soon realize that Alvaina hides a much darker secret than they could ever imagine.

Trailer after the break. via STYD

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