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quietearth [Celluloid 09.03.09] Canada movie trailer news scifi fantasy mystery

Don't let the horrendous poster fool you, this actually looks quite good. Premiering at the Lund Film Festival, Master Key is a French Canadian film which revolves around parallel world, the search for a key, and looks like quite an adventure. Along with some great production design, the Lund website explains it like this:

To explain what is going on in this movie is like trying to retell and understand a dream. It’s not linear, it’s not even nonlinear. It’s parallel, it’s cyclic and just difficult to express in words. What’s even more unbelievable is that’s it’s a feature film continuation of two TV-movies made for Canadian television.

The movie deals with several parallel universes, meaning that numerous people can be at different places at the same time, opening up a whole new way of storytelling. Louis-Bernard Lapointe must enter another dimension to retrieve a key in order to save his best friend. Like a paranormal detective, he’s thrown into a series of illogical and mind-bending quests.

The Master Key is often breathtakingly beautiful to look at, but most of all it creates an extremely original visual universe that puts a spell on you. Perhaps not like anything you have ever seen before.

And here's the synopsis from IMDB:
To save his best friend, Louis-Bernard Lapointe has to transport himself to a parallel world to find the 'Key of Possibilities', a magical and legendary object that allow his user to visit an infinite numbers of universes where everything is possible.

You can check out the trailer after the break.

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