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quietearth [Celluloid 09.03.09] Spain zombies trailer news short

Homage? Quite possibly, but who cares. This 17 minute short film out of Spain, which is directed by Iñaki San Roman and Rafael Martinez, showcases some great production design along with some great looking zombies and ends up like a HUGE war in a mall. I'm digging it!

A virus has been set loose in a Spanish shopping mall and it´s turning everyone in to flesh eating zombies. Our hero is trying to get out alive and at the same time impressing the girl he likes and finding a cure.

You can watch a trailer and some additional footage after the break.

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Skinstripper (13 years ago) Reply

Um, an Spanish Dawn of the Dead, I guess. But some of the best horror movies recently have come out of Europe (Inside, [rec], Frontiers), so this actually looks pretty good (in a digital format kind've way).


FIDELIO (13 years ago) Reply

And "El rey de la montaña" (Spanish) , Martyrs (french), Eden Lake (UK), High Tension (french), Let the Right One In (Sweden)... Europe horror!!!!!!!

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