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quietearth [Celluloid 09.03.09] Japan movie news horror

That's right, whether you loved it or thought it was the lamest crap you've ever seen, you've gotta admit that Birdemic was incredibly interesting. Now, via our friend The Gomorrahizer comes word that Japanese flick War Pigeon will be getting a US dvd release come December. Apparently this is the third flick in the series, the two being The Bloodshot (Aihyôka: chi-manako) and Aihyôka: nu-meri.

Ever since that fatal incident in college, Kanako has sensed them. Birds. Cooing, taunting birds... But are they real, or just in her head? What if that strange rumor she heard at the crime scene was true? If it was, then vengeance has wings and the sky will be filled with terror! Beware the doves of war in GUN-KYU!

Trailer after the break. Unfortunately, it only provides a brief view of the good stuff towards the end.

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weezy (12 years ago) Reply

Definitely not a worthwhile trailer until 1:30 in. The name of this movie itself is enough to warrant a rent!

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