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quietearth [Celluloid 09.02.09] Sweden movie trailer news action thriller drama

I've been following this one for almost a year, and FINALLY, on the day when all hell breaks loose, we have the first teaser. From director Daniel Espinosa, based on the novel of the same name by Jens Lapidus which reportedly won many awards and introduced a new genre titled "Stockholm noir", the teaser showcases some great possibly, but is too erratic. Snabba Cash will be distributed by Nordisk, one of the premo distribs, in Sweden.

JW, the Stureplan guy, deals cocaine in the hot spots of the Stockholm nightlife. The upper class guys he hangs out with don't know what an upstart he is and they can't see through his lies about his background.

Jorge, the latino, knows everythign there is to know about coke. He pulls off an unbelievably stylish escape from the Correctional Institution of Osteraker. Once out he starts planning a cruel revenge on the mafia thugs who framed him.

Mrado, now the mafia boss Radovan's cut-throat, was previously one of war criminal Arkan's feared men. The only thing he knows is how to indistriminately torture and torment.

These three men cross paths in a way that can only end in a fight to the death. And for what? For easy money!

Teaser trailer after the break.

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Jonas (13 years ago) Reply

Hey, if you're interested in swedish movies the only movie you should really be interested in (apart from metropia) is "Man tänker sitt" or "Burrowing".


It's from a couple of the samge guys who did "Farväl Falkenberg" which is personally one of my favourite swedish movies ever. (also highly recomended if you haven't seen it)

"Man Tänker Sitt" is running in cinemas here now and is getting great reviews.


Stan (13 years ago) Reply

They are not the only ones. Don't forget the vampire movie "Let the Right One In". A masterpiece. A fresh air in the horror genre.

I know some Swedes don't like it, especially if they've read the book, but that's so wrong. The film is as good, if not even better than the novel.

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