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quietearth [Celluloid 09.02.09] movie news horror

The next for director Nick Palumbo has an already impressive lineup of talent scheduled for this incredible sounding story of children lost in a land of horror. The DP will be none other then Laurent Barès who shot not only Inside, but also Frontier(s) and the upcoming film La Meute among many others. Vincent J. Guastini, who's done makeup and special effects on such films as Requiem for a Dream and the upcoming Neighbor, will be designing and creating all the F/X for corpse. And the young Bella Thorne (has anyone seen any of her films?) will be starring. I was already sold with the storyline but the DP clinched the deal.

A small Midwestern town is Ground Zero as the living face the evils of their past as retribution and Apocalypse become one.

On a desolate farmland in the middle of a frozen winter, a terrible tragedy occurs and the Apocalypse is unleashed. A group of surviving school children are lost, and find themselves in a mysterious wasteland.

A freak blizzard traps the children. Tired, cold and desperate for help, they seek shelter. Little do they realize, freezing to death is the least of their worries…

An ancient, haunted Old Man senses divine intervention as the children must take refuge in his farmhouse. The children are then pushed to the most extreme levels of human endurance as the Old Man opens to them his house of horrors.

More as it comes!

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agentorange (13 years ago) Reply

Intriguing to say the least. Nice find.


judy (12 years ago) Reply

going to a good flick.

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