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quietearth [Film Festival 08.31.09] United Kingdom France Germany movie trailer news drama

While we've been unable to talk Warp Films into providing us a real copy of this teaser, I've just stumbled across a clip for the film, and while it doesn't reveal much, it does further the sense we get from the storyline and our review.

SHE, A CHINESE tells the story of MEI, a young Chinese woman, who leaves her monotonous village life behind for the excitement of the nearest big city, Chongqing. However, life there doesn't quite turn out as she expected it; fired from her factory job, she falls in love with SPIKEY, a hit man whose own past soon catches up with him. A random decision finds Mei in London, where she marries an elderly man, MR HUNT. A new life begins for Mei, trapped in the silence of Mr Hunt's house, feeling alienated and bored. Mei's frustration at life with Mr Hunt leads her into an affair with RACHID, an Indian immigrant who runs a local take away restaurant, and she moves into the backroom of the restaurant to live with him. Rachid decides to return to his own country, leaving Mei pregnant and alone, facing an uncertain future.

You can watch the clip here.

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