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quietearth [Celluloid 08.31.09] Italy trailer news short scifi thriller drama mystery

We reported on the International Watch List for 2008 which is nothing more then a list of the American film industry's favorite foreign features and shorts, the highest rated of which is the INCREDIBLE scifi short Afterville from the duo known as "Fabio & Fabio" (Fabio Resinaro and Fabio Guaglione). What's it about? A bunch of giant ufo-like discs embed themselves all over the Earth, then show no activity for many years other then an internal countdown. Breathtaking in it's vision of future tech and beautifully shot, we've seen it and we can tell you this directorial team will be blowing Blomkamp and District 9 out of the water when they get to making a feature (as we know they will). But as we eagerly await word of their next project, we've decided to showcase one of their older, 30 minutes shorts called The Silver Rope which, for lack of having seen it, seems to mirror some loss in humanity. We love these guys, and you're going to be hearing a lot more about them in the future.

This will leave you wondering if Cold Souls took a cue from our Italian maestros.

The lives, the emotions, the mysteries and the personal conflicts of several people meet each other in a world forever changed by an amazing scientific discovery: the localization of the soul, the birth of an engineering of the spirit, the conceptual death of God.

Trailer after the break or you can watch a better quality version on the Official website.

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