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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.26.09] post apocalyptic zombies movie news webseries

If you had the misfortune of accidentally thinking that just maybe Taurus Entertainment's 2005 "film" Day of the Dead 2: Contagium was anywhere near as good as Romero's film of the same name only to find yourself completely horrified then you'll know why we're a little skeptical about the company's proposed follow-up Day of the Dead: Epidemic. But what can we do? It's PA and that's what we do right? It's just our albatross baby.

Anyway, according to Dread Central (who now have the grave misfortune of forever being known as the source on this news) Epidemic "will be going the cinéma vérité route with pockets of survivors around the world broadcasting their stories." So yes, that means we can expect this to be filmed in everyone's favorite new style, shaky VHS! Apparently the episodes will premier as a 13 part web-series before being cobbled together to form a feature film.

More as it comes (yes, we're gluttons for punishment).

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Skinstripper (13 years ago) Reply

Just whoring out the franchise. I will check it out, but I don't have much faith. The problem with producers is they know horror films are cheap, fast and have a good dividend. It goes the same for these directors. They don't really care about the genre at all, really.


donc48 (13 years ago) Reply

These guys are going to kill the Zombie genre, pardon the pun

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