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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.16.09] USA post apocalyptic movie trailer news vampires

The fine people at Glass Eye Pix ((Larry Fessenden, James Felix McKenney) have released a very effective first promo teaser/mood piece for Jim Mickle's (Mulberry Street) upcoming post-apocalyptic vampire epic, Stake Land.

Here's what we know about the story specifics. It's an EPIC POST APOCALYPTIC vampire tale set in Manhattan which will also have a web presence and graphic novel in the coming months. Below is a quote from an old Mickle's interview with Fangoria.

"It’s an apocalyptic vampire Western. It’s told through the eyes of a young boy who is taken under the wing of Nick, who plays a brutal, solitary ghoul hunter in a world populated by grungy creatures—these are not the pretty TRUE BLOOD vampires.

It’s kind of a new Depression; politics have fallen and the economy has fallen. And it’s their story together—how this kid goes from being a young boy in a suburban town to ultimately becoming a stone cold vampire killer. This was written back before the election, so it’s got some political-mindedness to it, because that was a hot topic at the time—the economics and financial system."

The footage is great, though obviously not shot in Manhattan so I'm wondering; is it our synopsis info that's wrong, or is this footage not from the actual film? Even though I'm currently doing some digging on the title and will update this post imminently, I wanted to post so you guys can see it sooner than later. So, enjoy the first teaser after the break.

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Skinstripper (12 years ago) Reply

Yeah, that's a smart move. Alienate half your audience with the God Bless Right America schtick. Wow, it's funny how these people never learn how it's best not to mix politics with fantasy. Oh well. Re the setting, it looks like these shots were a promo just to sell the film. Probably not even in the movie.


Killcrop (12 years ago) Reply

Can't wait...Mulberry Street was awesome..good to see a crew stick together if it's what works


gasbag (12 years ago) Reply

I thought Mulberry Street was movie of this genre to come out of America in a long, long time. Realistic and believable. If STAKE LAND is similar, it will be a winner (but only at Art House cinemas or DVD I would think) One thing that many European and (particularly) UK film makers do is make use of daytime, overcast footage.....rather than always focussing on night time footage. This grey, overcast footage, with the body hanging from the power lines, gives a hard hitting, bleak, realistic edge. Why US film makers have avoided this in the past is beyond me.


Jonas (12 years ago) Reply

Mullberry Street was brilliant so I'm really looking forward to this.


Bob (12 years ago) Reply

Oh look, Skinstripper's overreacting again.

It's a sign on a church, probably of the church's own making because those sentiments actually exist in the US, but from that you get the movie is pro-Right rah rah Kill the Democrats? You really need to chillax.


jack (12 years ago) Reply

lol. the "god bless right america" is obviously a jab at "red state america", not PRO. the dude didn't even get that so i wouldn't take anything he says seriously.


bad dog (12 years ago) Reply

I'm about as Democrat as they come. But I didn't think the sign, which made a political statement, meant the movie was making one. Right or wrong, there are many such church signs in the rural South, where the movie is obviously set. It is what it is, as they say.

The church appears to be in a state of disrepair, obviously because it subsequently lost its tax-exempt status because it was engaging in politics, which is against the Constitution of the United States.

Mulberry Street wasn't my favorite but it was surprisingly good for its budget. Again, it looks like they've done a lot with a little. The trailer looks good and I'll be watching it hoping for a good film.


donc48 (12 years ago) Reply

Have to agree with Jack Mulberry was ok, but not an all timer. The plot teminds me of the book The Strain.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

These pictures of the church are from douglassville pa, I know because it's the church I belong to and believe me the sign does not say "right america" it was added for the movie. The other pictures were taken in pottstown PA. Jim was filming for the movie right outside my house yesterday which is in Birdsboro Pa. Movie looks great!


fadedpaperwings (12 years ago) Reply

this is deff the most exciting thing to ever hit birdsboro, haha and you'd know that if you lived here like myself.. i and a few other of my friends were extras in the movie, we got dirtied up and it was a fun experience, i talked to the main vampire hunter, it was totally cool no matter how hot it was out that day! lol i'm excited to see more trailors and to see the movie!


Haram (12 years ago) Reply

нихуя непойму че вы тут накалякали!!!


Kingfish (12 years ago) Reply

Mulberry Street was one of the best films no one saw. What a shame... I am going to promote this one on facebook!

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