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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.14.09] USA post apocalyptic zombies movie news video

Now that George Romero's new zombie film has an official title we can all breath a sigh of relief and enjoy all the promotional material that's bound to come our way before we're disappointed by the final result. Okay so maybe that's being a little prematurely judgmental but after Land and Diary I just don't know how much I've got left to give old George.

A new behind the scenes video for the upcoming Survival of the Dead has premiered on the film's myspace page and it's certainly fun to watch if you're at all a fan of filmmaking.

Romero also posted a response to fan questions about why he chose the title "Survival of the Dead" over some of the others that were kicking around for a while like "Island of the Dead:

"Some of you have been asking about the title of my new film. I called it "Survival of the Dead" because it's about a group of people who escape to a place they think is safe - an island where they hope to survive the war between the living and the dead.

That's how the story begins. By the end, something happens that makes the word "survival" take on a whole new meaning. I'm not going to give it away now."

Oh yeah, and you'll also notice that the first official poster for the film has appeared. Video after the break.

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Brain Nosher (13 years ago) Reply

That fat guy at the end is right: Romero is the master of all zombies. He makes zombie movies for history, not for me and other people with limited understanding. It doesn't matter what I think of "Land", "Diary" or anything else he's done. Future film historians will spot amazing components that are invisible to me watching him now. They will assess his body of work and name him one of the best and most influential filmakers of all time. It's inevitable. You can bank on it. I just need to get over the sick desire to see Romero do "the thing I liked before".


Damob (13 years ago) Reply

Now look, I love Romero. I will go and see this movie and I will enjoy it. But the truth is he lucked out thematically with 'Dawn' and has been milking it ever since. Lets just enjoy it for the zombie romp that it is instead of judging it like its a candidate for a nobel prize.


projectcyclops (13 years ago) Reply

Haha, music from 'They Live'.


Skinstripper (13 years ago) Reply

I agree, Damob. I think Land was his biggest effort to date, and it shows he can't make a current good film. I think Night, Dawn and Day were his opus', and he's trying to recapture. I actually thought Diary was fairly ok, but Land was awful. From the behind the scenes clips of Survival, it doesn't look promising to me, unfortunately. He lit the fire, but it's time for others to come and expound on his theme.


bad dog (13 years ago) Reply

His first three movies defined the genre, but his latest efforts were so sterile that I didn't care if everybody died.

Romero sympathizes with the zombies, as if after they kill and eat almost everybody, there's a chance for accommodation (if only we could understand each other better). I don't get it. He also makes bad and obvious social points that rang true in the 70s but seem stilted today.

I'm also tired of slow-moving zombies that don't appear to have any signs of being half eaten, suddenly appear out of nowhere and bite main characters in the arm when it's their turn to become a zombie.

Romero should stop making social commentary and asking silly questions like, "Who's the real menace? Us? Or the zombies?" And get back to what made the first three films great--zombie hordes, gritty characters you could empathize with, real stakes and suspense.

Better yet, I'd love to see a zombie movie maker do a movie I have never seen: A movie about the apocalypse, not the post apocalypse. Every movie lately starts with great scenes of the spread of zombies, but then suddenly it's all over and a bunch of remarkably well adjusted good looking people hole up somewhere until they are kill each other through their own stupidity.

Show me what the Army is doing? What about the cops? What about average people? Put us in the middle of a major American city, and show the zombie plague spreading from its first victims to a city in flames. Picture Crazies Meets Dawn of the Dead. Now THAT would be cool. And it'd be original.

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