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quietearth [DVD News 08.09.09] movie news dvd drama

I'm incredibly excited about this film, not just because it was well received on the film fest circuit, but because of it's reportedly quiescent, open-ended arthouse nature. Beautifully shot, the story is about a young girl who is asked to stand in, as part of re-creation for a police investigation, for a murdered girl. She uses the opportunity to deal with her own past and also insinuates herself into the lives of those dealing with the loss.

Now here's the problem. The UK distrib promised me a copy and said they sent it, twice, but I never received it. The sales agent also promised me a copy 3 weeks ago and I haven't received anything. So at this point we're probably going to have to wait for one of our UK guys to review it.

Again, I'm greatly looking forward to seeing this picture, so I suggest you check out the synopsis and trailer.

The dvd is up for R2 pre-order here and drops on September 7th.

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