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That's right folks, Kyle Rankin's Infestation (review) will finally have its premier on Syfy tomorrow night at 9pm/8pm central.

You can check the Syfy Infestation page for further details.

Thanks to Avery for the 2 reminders, but hey, I was already going to put it up.

You can watch the trailer after the break.

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Sunolet (13 years ago) Reply

Wasn't great, but it was fun to watch and the writing was good though i expected a little more humor due to the trailer


Avery (13 years ago) Reply

Ahh! Just watched it and it was well worth the wait!! Very funny and lots of great giant bug action! Like "Shaun Of The Dead" but with giant insects!! Highly recommended and definitely one of the best big bugs flicks ever!!

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