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quietearth [Celluloid 08.06.09] movie news scifi dystopic

Scott is one of the few people I think could probably do Aldous Huxley's amazing novel justice, unfortunately he's producing, not directing. While a writer is attached, DiCaprio will not only be producing, but starring as well. How come his company seems to be getting all these big properties? I really don't want to see big names in this adaptation, in fact, for my money, I would let Enki Bilal do it. It's emphasized that the project is still in the early development stages and with Scott's heavy load (he has 18 titles listed in development on IMDB) I'm wondering when they can get to this.. 2043?

Speaking of Enki, where the heck is he? Anyone know him and can hook us up? I really want to see what he's doing next.

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Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

This is terrible news. I am pretty sure they will use the story of the Savage and cut everything else.
But if the writer of Apocalypto is on it, there is maybe small ray of hope after all.


Taylov (13 years ago) Reply

Gotta say I'm pretty excited about it, given the quality of the book and the fact that I like the players involved. i expect it won't be another "Beach" again - but if they do some weird CGI psychological stuff that's over played, it could be a goner.


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phantomspacecop (13 years ago) Reply

Every film version of that book that has been attempted has been awful/left important details out/re-written in details that were never there. I can't say that I truly trust any director/producers/writer to successfully turn the book into film, not even DiCaprio, although I think he might make a good John the Savage. But the thing is, the book isn't just about him, and the film will probably lose sight of that in order to give the "star" more screen time. I really wish they wouldn't do it. The book isn't very translatable...technically, it's too obscene. But then maybe nothing is too obscene for Hollywood.


Cletus (13 years ago) Reply

I agree with phantomspacecop. As for the writer of Apocalypto, he still needs to explain why the Pilgrims show up at the end of that movie :-)

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