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quietearth [Film Festival 08.04.09] movie news

More for Vanguard, Real to Reel, Special Presentations, Galas, Short cuts, and Contemporary World Cinema which includes the World premier of Reginald Harkema's latest, Leslie, My Name is Evil. That link has the 2nd promo trailer (we used to have two) but we were asked by Reggie to remove the first. We also have Sook-Yin Lee's Year of the Carnivore which I've been keeping an eye on for some time. Also playing is The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.

Check out the full list of added films after the break!


Year of the Carnivore Sook-Yin Lee, BC
World Premiere
Year of the Carnivore is a romantic-comedy-drama about a girl with an unrequited crush on a boy who thinks she's bad in bed, so she goes out to get more 'experience.'

All Fall Down Philip Hoffman, ON
North American Premiere
Local legend Philip Hoffman's formally adventurous and emotionally devastating documentary looks at the tortured last years of Toronto writer George Lachlan Brown, setting the account against a backdrop of regional myths and conspiracies.

Crackie Sherry White, NL
North American Premiere
Mitsy (Meghan Greeley) just wants to escape her life in Newfoundland and her overbearing grandmother (Mary Walsh), but a visit from her mother and an affair with the take-out guy (Joel Thomas Hynes) may sidetrack her dreams of becoming a beautician in writer and director Sherry White's emotional and insightful debut Crackie.

George Ryga's HUNGRY HILLS Rob King, SK
World Premiere George Ryga's HUNGRY HILLS is a beautifully dark adaptation of the acclaimed Canadian novel about one teenager's struggles to revive the family farm in the foothills of northern Alberta during the Depression.

Machotaildrop Corey Adams and Alex Craig, BC,Canada/USA
World Premiere
Equal parts surreal comedy, fantasy and indictment of our logo-glutted culture, Corey Adams and Alex Craig's Machotaildrop follows teen skateboarder Walter as he's recruited by a legendary company to be their next big star.

The Wild Hunt Alexandre Franchi, QC
World Premiere
Fantasy and reality meet in The Wild Hunt when an ancient ritual is reborn in the woods north of Montreal.


Carcasses Denis Côté, QC
North American Premiere
Québec auteur Denis Côté brings us a beautiful story about an elderly man who lives in a junkyard surrounded by the detritus of culture and who is paid a surprise visit by a group of youths.

Leslie, My Name Is Evil Reginald Harkema, ON
World Premiere
Perry, a sheltered chemist, falls in love with Leslie, a former homecoming princess, when he is selected to be a jury member at her hippie, death-cult murder trial. When Perry and Leslie lock eyes in court, Perry is forced to confront his deepest, darkest urges.


Glenn Gould: The Inner Life Peter Raymont and Michele Hozer, ON
World Premiere
An enigmatic musical poet and world-renowned pianist, Glenn Gould continues to captivate international audiences twenty-six years after his early death. An intimate look at the man alongside the myth, Glenn Gould: The Inner Life casts a new light on a genius whose ideas were as controversial, and his private life as passionate as his music.

Petropolis: Aerial Perspectives on the Alberta Tar Sands Peter Mettler, ON
North American Premiere
Filmmaker and visual artist Peter Mettler takes audiences on an eye-opening aerial tour of Alberta's tar sands in this beautiful, haunting and vital documentary. This film is co-presented by Short Cuts Canada.

Reel Injun Neil Diamond, QC
World Premiere
Neil Diamond's documentary Reel Injun is a long-needed corrective to the wildly inaccurate portrayals of native peoples in Hollywood films and filled with revealing and often poignant interviews with key players like actors Wes Studi, Adam Beach and Sacheen Littlefeather.


A Gun to the Head Blaine Thurier, BC
World Premiere
A reformed criminal escapes his wife's dinner party for a quick beer with his cousin and former partner in crime. Over the course of one wild night, he's dragged back into a world of drugs, women, guns and gangsters; endangering the lives of those he loves the most.

Cole Carl Bessai, BC
World Premiere
Cole (Richard de Klerk) wants to write his way out of small-town Lytton, B.C. and his job at the family gas station. A new romance with Serafina (Kandyse McClure), a woman from his writing class, offers a chance for both of them to change their lives in this emotional and intense drama.

Excited Bruce Sweeney, BC
World Premiere
Writer-director Bruce Sweeney returns with a romantic comedy about a man who may have just met the woman of his dreams, but their romance is complicated by his meddling, officious mother and his inability to confront or discuss his sexual hang-ups.

High Life Gary Yates, ON/MB
North American Premiere
Two drug-addled brothers go for one last major score in writer-director Gary Yates's energetic and funny crime comedy.

Passenger Side Matthew Bissonnette, ON
Canadian Premiere
In writer-director Matthew Bissonette's intimate and amusing road movie Passenger Side, two talkative brothers tour Los Angeles while trying to reconcile their romantic lives.

Suck Robert Stefaniuk, ON
World Premiere
A rock'n'roll vampire comedy about a down-and-out band that will do anything for a record deal. Their humdrum image radically changes when the bass player disappears one night with a hip vampire and emerges with a sexually charged charisma that drives the audiences wild. Featuring cameos by Alice Cooper, his daughter Calico Cooper, Alex Lifeson, Moby, Iggy Pop, Carole Pope and Henry Rollins.


Chloe Atom Egoyan, France/Canada
World Premiere
Catherine (Julianne Moore), a successful doctor, suspects her husband David (Liam Neeson), a handsome music professor, is cheating on her. To lay her suspicions and fears to rest, she hires an irresistible young woman, Chloe (Amanda Seyfried), to test David's fidelity. Chloe's torrid tales of her encounters with David lead Catherine on a journey of sexual and sensual re-discovery. But by opening the door to temptation, she puts her family in great danger.

Cooking with Stella Dilip Mehta, Canada
World Premiere
A warmhearted social satire about a Canadian diplomat (Lisa Ray) and her chef husband Michael (Don McKellar) who are posted to New Delhi. Upon arrival they inherit a household of Indian servants headed by the charming, totally inspiring - and wily - cook, Stella (Seema Biswas). When Stella agrees to become Michael's cooking guru, to teach him traditional Indian dishes, little does he know that she's cooking up a scheme of her own.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Terry Gilliam, United Kingdom/Canada
North American PremiereThis fantastical morality tale tells the story of Dr. Parnassus and his travelling show, the extraordinary 'Imaginarium'. Blessed with the remarkable gift of guiding the imaginations of others, Dr. Parnassus is cursed with a dark secret. An inveterate gambler, thousands of years ago he made a bet with the devil, Mr. Nick, and won immortality. Centuries later, on meeting his one true love, Dr. Parnassus made another deal with the devil, trading his immortality for youth, on the condition that when his daughter reached her sixteenth birthday, she would become the property of Mr. Nick.


Cairo Time Ruba Nadda, Canada/Ireland
World PremiereJuliette (Patricia Clarkson), a magazine editor, arrives in Cairo to meet her husband Mark (Tom McCamus), a UN official in Gaza. When he is unavoidably delayed, Mark sends his friend and former security officer Tareq (Alexander Siddig) to show her around the city. As she gets used to the customs and rhythm of life in Cairo, Juliette finds herself falling not only for the city's charms, but for Tareq as well.

Defendor Peter Stebbings, Canada
World Premiere
Reality intersects with delusion in the mind of Arthur Poppington (Woody Harrelson), a regular man who adopts a superhero persona known as Defendor, and combs the city streets at night in search of his arch-enemy, Captain Industry. In his attempts to combat crime and bring down Captain Industry, a drug and weapons dealer who he mistakenly blames for the death of his mother, Defendor ends up befriending a young prostitute, Katerina Debrofkowitz (Kat Dennings). Armed with unconventional weapons of mass confusion, aided by his new friend, and putting his life on the line, Defendor proves that everyone is capable of making a difference.

Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel Brigitte Berman, Canada
World Premiere
An intimate look at the outspoken, flamboyant founder of the Playboy empire. With humour and insight, the film captures Hefner's fierce battles with the government, the religious right and militant feminists. Rare footage and compelling interviews with a remarkable who's who of 20th Century American pop culture, present a brilliant and entertaining snapshot of the life of an extraordinary man and the controversies that surrounded him.

J'ai Tué Ma Mère Xavier Dolan, Canada
English Canada Premiere
Hubert, a brash 17-year-old, is confused and torn by a love-hate relationship with his mother that consumes him more and more each day. After distressing ordeals and tragic episodes, Hubert will find his mother on the banks of Saint Lawrence river, where he grew up, and where a murder will be committed: the murder of childhood.

The Trotsky Jacob Tierney, Canada
World Premiere
Leon Bronstein (Jay Baruchel) is not your average Montreal West high school student. For one thing, none of his peers can claim to be the reincarnation of early 20th century Soviet iconoclast and Red Army hero, Leon Trotsky. When his father (Saul Rubinek) sends Leon to public school as punishment for starting a hunger strike at Papa's clothing factory, Leon quickly lends new meaning to the term "student union," determined as he is to live out his pre-ordained destiny to the fullest and change the world.


5 Dysfunctional People in a Car [Pat Mills, ON, 5']
A family takes their reluctant grandma to a nursing home against her wishes.

75 El Camino [Sami Khan, ON, 19']
Set in Sarnia's Chemical Valley, a red-hot Chevy El Camino is the last prized possession of a passionate couple who have lost everything, including their house.

The Armoire [Jamie Travis, ON, 22']
A young boy descends into an abyss of secrets, fantasies and memory when he realizes that his best friend has gone missing.

Big Head [Dylan Akio Smith, BC, 12']
Ten-year-old Billy takes action into his own hands when he is bullied by the kids in school about his large cranium.

La Chute [Ivan Grbovic, QC, 17']
A young teacher interferes in her student's home life, as her desire to be a mother negatively effects her professional conduct.

Covered [John Greyson, ON, 14']
An inspired experimental documentary on the violent closing of the first Queer Sarajevo Festival from award-winning filmmaker John Greyson.

Danse Macabre [Pedro Pires, QC, 9']
A corpse enacts a final erratic ballet in this exquisite experimental dance film.

De Mouvement [Richard Kerr, QC, 6']
A frenetic collage film constructed around wipes found in French movie trailers from the monochrome era.

Deadman [Chelsea McMullan, ON, 30']
Two disparate visions of the "west" are portrayed in this elegant and keenly observed documentary.

Edge of the Desert [Lea Nakonechny, QC/SK, 16']
Four young adults end up wandering through the sandhills of Saskatchewan, a desert-like landscape, and discover that their dreams don't always match their realities.

fish in barrel [Randall Okita, BC, 5']
A visually stunning experimental film focused on a young man's psychological struggle.

Found [Paramita Nath, ON, 6']
Found is a compelling meditation on connecting with one's past, based on Souvankham Thammavongsa's poetry and life.

A Hindu's Indictment of Heaven [Dev Khanna, ON, 12']
A charming tongue-in-cheek drama about a woman who waits outside the gates of heaven for her soulmate.

Homeland Security [Isaac Cravit, ON, 8']
A customs agent brings his personal life to work when confronted by a bachelorette party headed south of the border.

Ikwé [Caroline Monnet, MB, 4']
A film about a young Algonquin woman reconnected with her ancestral roots through language and dance.

Interview with the Earth [Nicolas Pereda, ON/Mexico, 18']
In a small rural Mexican town, two young brothers deal with loss and grief when their friend tragically and suddenly dies.

The Island [Trevor Anderson, AB, 5']
A "fantasy island" for gay people is imagined by a director fed-up with homophobia.

Léger Problème [Hélène Florent, QC, 9']
In this visually striking short drama, a middle-aged man finds himself pulled from this earth before he's ready.

M [Félix Dufour-Laperrière, QC, 7']
A hypnotic abstract animated film that plays with delicately hand-drawn structures.

Man V. Mini van [Spencer Maybee, ON, 17']
A comedy about one groom's case of cold feet after receiving a minivan from his future in-laws.

My Toxic Baby [Min Sook Lee, ON, 45']
Filmmaker Min Sook Lee struggles to protect her daughter from our chemical world in this intimate and alarming documentary.

Naissances [Anne Émond, QC, 17']
A thoughtful and tender tale about two strangers who find hope and comfort in lies.

Night Mayor [Guy Maddin, MB, 10']
Guy Maddin's newest film about an inventor known as the "Night Mayor" of Winnipeg is told with his visually inventive and subversively comic style.

On a Lonely Drive [Igor Drljaca, ON, 7']
A young boy hides in the trunk of his family's car to get away from his arguing parents.

Out in that Deep Blue Sea [Kazik Radwanski, ON, 16']
A middle-aged real-estate agent finds himself malcontented with his current life of too much work and not enough time.

Pointless [Peter Wellington, ON, 4']
Two men haggle over the price of a used futon in this comedic short.

Record [Dylan Reibling, ON, 4']
A sidewalk record sale takes an unexpected turn in this charming portrait.

Runaway [Cordell Barker, MB, 9']
A zany and sumptuously animated tale about a reckless train ride from award-winning animator Cordell Barker.

Sixty Seconds of Regret [Ed Gass-Donnelly, ON, 1']
A succinct and powerful character study of an elderly man's reflection on early life decisions.

Smoke [Nikos Theodosakis and Linda Theodosakis, BC, 16']
Ten-year-old Michael's difficult father is dying and he must come to terms with their love/hate relationship.

Snow Hides the Shade of Fig Trees [Samer Najari, QC, 21']
Magic realism infuses this lyrically melancholic story of six immigrant men delivering flyers in Montreal.

Soap [Dusty Mancinelli, ON, 15']
An afternoon tryst takes a surprising twist in this darkly humorous film.

The Spine [Chris Landreth, ON, 11']
Dan and Mary find themselves at a co-dependent couple support group. In Mary's absence, Dan grows a strong and colourful animated new spine.

Swimming Lesson [Caitriona Cantillon, ON, 10']
Kate swims circles around her mother who has only recently learned how to swim. The tension between a mother and daughter becomes explosive in this emotional short.

The Translator [Sonya Di Rienzo, ON, 7']
A translator of French films finds that her work has become her life as she tries to interpret what others are thinking on the subway.

Tungijuq [Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël, QC, 7']
A thought-provoking meditation on the seal-hunt and what it means to the traditional way of life for the Inuit.

Unlocked [Mio Adilman, ON, 15']
A young man faces constant frustration as his bicycle is repeatedly double-locked by strangers.

La Vie Commence [Émile Proulx-Cloutier, QC, 13']
An affecting drama surrounding a stolen gun that reveals the profound bond between two brothers.

Vive la Rose [Bruce Alcock, NS/BC/QC, 4']
Bruce Alcock's animated Newfoundland ode to lost love, told through the Acadian folk song "Vive la Rose".

Volta [Ryan Mullins, QC, 12']
A decaying cinema in rural Ghana that's been converted into a school is seen through the eyes of its former projectionist.

Vs. [Ben Bruhmuller, ON, 14']
The sweep of a man's life is captured through the rounds of a boxing match in this elaborate stop-motion animated film.

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Apparently Dr. Parnassus is a Canadian co-production? I just knew it was the last film for Heath Ledger.

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