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Christopher Webster [DVD News 08.04.09] movie news dvd

Have I mentioned how much I love Magnolia lately? Not only do they release some of our favorite films on DVD, but they go to extreme lengths to make those DVD's fanboy centric. Take The Mutant Chronicles for example. Not only did Magnolia pick up Simon Hunter's mostly misunderstood little scifi epic for distro (interview with Hunter), but they gave it a 2-disc Director's Cut and loaded it with documentaries and commentaries galore. That's what I'm talking about.

This week also marks the release of another overdue epic, the Russian fantasy film Wolfhound. This one's about two years coming so I'm very much looking forward to giving it a spin.

Of course how could we forget to mention Jaimie Blanks' remake of the classic Australian 70s cult film, Long Weekend (review). It's been retitled Nature's Grave in the states so keep an eye out for Jim Cavizel's face covered in spiders when you're out perusing video store shelves.

Madmartigan himself, Val Kilmer, plays a deranged scientist who locks 6 people in a steam room and threatens to turn up the heat if the local paper doesn't publish his story about global warming in The Chaos Experiment (originally, The Steam Experiment).

And don't worry gang, we also got you covered on the zombie front as Ryan Thompson's no-budget The Zombie Apocalypse gets a release from Under the Bed Films.

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Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply mean...someone out there would actually BUY this movie???? Watching it was hard enough.


Wumpus (4 years ago) Reply

Mutant Chronicles is kinda fun. It reminds me of the horror and sci-fi bits from "Too Many Cooks".

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