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quietearth [Celluloid 08.03.09] movie trailer news drama

I really dig these UK soccer hooligan flicks and we've been waiting on this one for a while. You can watch the first trailer here.

Loosely adapted from Alan Clarke's 1989 classic TV film, Nick Love's film is set earlier in the 80's and retells a similarly story to the original - but from a different character's point of view. The film centers on Dom, a young wannabe football casual who gets drawn into the charismatic but dangerous world of the firm's top boy, Bex.

Accepted for his fast mouth and sense of humor, Dom soon becomes one of the boys. But as Bex and his gang clash with rival firms across the country and the violence spirals out of control, Dom realizes he wants out - until he learns it's not that easy to simply walk away.

Trailer after the break.

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bob (12 years ago) Reply

Just another tired rehash of a really good movie. Now, let's all move on.

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