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quietearth [Celluloid 08.03.09] movie trailer news scifi drama dystopic

According to the official website, post-production has been completed and I have to say, it looks quite stunning. Seemingly done with very little, writer/director Chris Bower managed to create an incredible vision which looks like a cross between HG Wells and The Outer Limits.

Osias and Bria, both clones, are in love under the tyranny of Nevco, a global corporate megapower. Osias seeks love and freedom and wants to escape to the jungle wastelands. But Bria is unwilling to follow her instincts and chooses the lure of a safe and sentimental life serving Nevco. As one of Nevco's test subjects Bria is used and discarded, left to a life of ennui and madness. Osias escapes and with the help of a "natural born" resistance group called the Ladder he kidnaps Archer Claezon, the Nevco scientist in charge of Bria. If Osias can use Archer to find her their love may be the key that unlocks the chains of clone slavery.

Trailer after the break. A big whatup to our boy Avery for the find.

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Jonas (12 years ago) Reply

Oh my, this really intrigued me. The music and the forest shots reminded me of Aguirre.


Dave Stevens (12 years ago) Reply

No doubt! Does anyone know if this is available on DVD yet?


James (12 years ago) Reply

Don't bother, I saw it and it is not what you think. Boring, bad voice-overs, and regurgitated, rehashed story.


Kall (12 years ago) Reply

So there's no connection with Jupiter's frozen moon Europa... ;-)

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