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quietearth [Celluloid 07.29.09] movie news horror vampires

Where is this film? It was shot in 2007 and I can't find anything on it other then a synopsis and poster, and in fact, I've read radically different plot outlines for it. The one below is listed on Bleiberg's website, and another has the creator of the universe choosing a girl to devour evil. Huh? Vampires? Super models? God? I don't really know, but something about it intrigues me. Now when's it getting a release?

It's New Year's Eve, 1968: While driving on the Pearblossom Highway, a lesbian couple (played by Sophie Monk of "The Hills Run Red" and "Date Movie"; and Anya Lahiri of the "Goal" series) find themselves face to face with the creator of the universe (played by Victoria's Secret supermodel Angela Lindvall). Laid to rest for 40 years, the women wake up on New Year's Day as reborn creatures. Now, they walk the earth fighting in the eternal battle of good and evil, not alway certain which side they are on.

Someone give us a trailer, stat!

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Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

Sorry for the delay to all. The film will be released through Grindstone in the US and hope to have a trailer out in the next couple of weeks. Our director was busy with Midgets Vs Mascots and is Excited about the release of Pearblossom

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