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quietearth [Celluloid 07.26.09] movie trailer news scifi action

The good folks over at Twitch not only scored an interview with famed director Shinya Tsukamoto, but also got the first footage from the film which premiered at SDCC on Thursday. The third film in the Tetsuo series, this one is in English and was supposedly urged on by Quentin Tarantino. If I remember correctly, it was written to be set in the US but was then moved back to Japan. While hailed by many as cyberpunk, I think the only real tag besides genius that might be added is experimental, or avant-garde.

Further details come from io9:
The film is about an American named Antony working in Tokyo, married to a Japanese woman. He makes the agonizing transformation into Tetsuo when their son Tom is killed by the same evil driver who creates the Tetsuos in previous films.

And a description of the footage shown at SDCC which was missing some FX:
Antony's wife is a paranoid shut-in who hates Tokyo, and Antony's dad is a crazy biotech worker who insists on testing Antony's blood every month because he's afraid he'll die of the same "cancer" his mother died of. (But when we see Antony's blood emitting a tiny waft of smoke, we think perhaps mom might have died of a more Tetsuo-like disease than cancer.)

After the evil car guy kills Antony's son, we see the first version of his transformation into Tetsuo, which looks oddly like a Talking Heads video. I say this simply because he's a white guy in a suit, twitching and making strange faces in front of a screen filled with television static. Later he thrashes around in glowing water, his body rippling with machine parts that eventually emerge from his flesh "like a bullet," as the director put it.

The Twitch interview with footage along with the trailers for the first 2 films after the break.

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