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quietearth [Celluloid 07.15.09] zombies movie trailer news horror comedy

That is one long-a** title! From the excellent Undead Backbrain, which our friend Avery writes for, comes news of a great looking B zombie film, and it's black and white! With the title I would of thought complete crap, but this is worth seeing!

In a quiet American town, life has decidedly slowed down to a crawl. A small group of scientists have unwittingly unleashed a horrible force upon the town. Mary Jane, the all American sweetheart, parks on Make Out Hill with her boyfriend Billy Everybody. He smokes some of the reefer and is suddenly transformed into a sex- crazed reefer zombie. Just as Billy lunges forward he is pulled out of the car and thrown to ground and shot. Mary Jane looks at her brutal savior, Dr. S. Dr S. battles his way back to the city, while dragging Mary Jane behind him. While Mary Jane tries to come to grip with the possible reality of her family dead and asks Dr. S to explain how this all happened. Dr. S tells her of how he and his team developed the reefer for the military to use as a weapon, but it was too unstable. In a last ditch effort to create a more stable strain of the reefer, Dr. S tested some on himself. The reefer changed him, made him strong, but filled with an uncontrollable rage. Unable to stop himself Dr. S killed his whole team. Convincing Mary Jane there is a cure, Dr. S vows to set things right.

Trailer after the break.

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Avery (13 years ago) Reply

I really dig the trailer! It looks pretty awesome! I'm glad you guys liked it too. Can't wait to see more of it!


Rob (13 years ago) Reply

Well, it doesn't look like TOTAL crap. Still looks like crap though.


donc48 (12 years ago) Reply

Ok I don't get the 1950 retro craze in movies, I have to go with Rob on this one I'll wait for the Novel.


Jessica (12 years ago) Reply

I saw this at a Halloween film festival I think in '07. Boyfriend and I loved it! Have been trying to get a DVD ever since. WHERE CAN I BUY THIS? Anyone?


toddag (12 years ago) Reply

Saw this at the Horrific Film Festival a couple of days ago. Really enjoyed it! Its a fun movie to watch.


iammettfearem (12 years ago) Reply

Brilliant film! saw it at the leeds film festival. it lives up to its name

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