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quietearth [Celluloid 07.14.09] movie trailer news musical drama fantasy

From what I can gather, Ivan Vyrypayev's film is 10 little vignettes which are musical and possibly "videos". They are based on a provocation by the established rules, morals and laws, namely, the Ten Commandments. Listed as avant-garde, there is also heavy mention of rap, although that's nowhere to be found in the trailer.

Here's a vague English synopsis I found:
Film about the youth of the XXIth century. Ten innovative musico-dramatic pop videos with variations in rap style as if they were the Ten Commandments. But the film rejects all moral implications and subjects all its action to the need for oxygen.

Trailer after ze break! DO NOT MISS THIS!

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Luis (12 years ago) Reply

hello does anyone know where I can order from the Russian DVD of Kislorod with English Subtitles, I know it is avalible, but don't know where to buy it from

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