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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.14.09] post apocalyptic movie news poster

When Albert and Allen Hughes began production on their post-apocalyptic western, Book of Eli they hired artist, Chris Weston ("The Filth," "The Twelve") to produce storyboards and concept art for the film. Well, I guess they also got Weston to create a couple of bronze-age comic inspired posters for the film's appearance at comic con this year.

According to bleedingcool, Weston will attend the Warner Bos presentation of the movie on Friday at San Diego, and will be signing the posters over at The Warner Brothers Booth.

Check out all three posters in our Book of Eli gallery after the break!

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Jonas (13 years ago) Reply

This makes me wonder if this "book" actually turns out to be a comic book... That would be pretty neat. (but it's probably that rumoured Ipod)

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