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We normally don't participate in such blatant promotional pushes for films, but as Godkiller looks so sweet and we were offered branded wallpaper of one character, we couldn't pass up the opportunity. So what character did we get? The bad guy, Dragos! You can see a slimmed down version of the mobile wallpaper to the right.

All of this is to celebrate upcoming SDCC events which include appearances and signings by Godkiller castmembers Danielle Harris (Halloween 4, 5, H1, and H2), Bill Moseley (The Devil's Rejects), Justin Pierre (singer Motion City Soundtrack), and Nicki Clyne (Battlestar Galactica), as well as animator Brian Giberson and writer-director Matt Pizzolo (Threat). For more info, check out the film site

Click here to download the mobile wallpaper. 320x480

Click here to download the desktop wallpaper. 1920x1200

Godkiller takes place in a dark future after economic collapse, after nuclear holy war, and after Earth is colonized by alien races. Tommy and his kid sister Lucy live in an orphanage in one of the few remaining city-states, but Lucy is critically ill and desperately in need of a new heart. Tommy's odyssey to find a new heart for his sister begins when he follows an organ-stealing prostitute named Halfpipe out of the city-state and into the savage border-land known as Outer City. Godkiller mixes unforgiving brutality, quantum physics, conspiracy theory, and secret history for an iconoclastic hero's journey like none before it. This "illustrated film" features intense comic art with mind-bending motion graphics, blood-pumping music, otherworldly sound design, and voice acting by some of the most exciting performers in genre films and youth-culture.

Trailer right here!

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