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quietearth [Celluloid 07.06.09] movie trailer news drama

Actor Atsuro Watabe's directorial debut looks like a fragmented contemplation of loss, but not in the normal sense. Beautifully shot and filled with memories, there seems to be little dialogue and it's nothing short of stunning.

In a small town of Hokkaido, Yunni, Fusako Kurokawa (Saki Takaoka) lives quiet life with her Father. Life here is very simple, but it is good enough and she is happy enough. Days go on as usual. With some coincidence, she meets this man one day, Wataru Kadokura (Atsuro Watabe) a man who cannot speak. A very peaceful "time" now becomes part of her daily lives as this strong emotion suddenly takes place in her simple quiet life.

One day, Fusako falls from a horse at her work place, a stable. Luckily she suffered no severe injuries and goes back to her daily life. Beloved family and friends around her, as they have always been. She drives the same beautiful road with her Red Cherokee.

Nothing had changed. And she goes on with her simple quiet life again in this small snow-covered town. But one day, driving the same car on the same road as usual, she feels an existence of something like an echo in the corner of her heart. She does not know, what that could be. Doctor has told her on the day of the accident.

"You have lost just a little pieces of your memory."

In a snow-covered little town of Yunni, lost memory of Fusako wonders without destination.

Trailer after the break. via Nippon Cinema

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