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quietearth [Film Festival 07.03.09] movie news horror

From Philip Ridley, director of The Reflecting Skin, comes his first film in 14 years (according to IMDB) and while I can't find a trailer yet it sounds fascinating and possibly apocalyptic. It premiered at the Cannes Market and Lionsgate has already picked it up for distribution.

Jamie Morgan's life has always been blighted by the large, heart-shaped birthmark on his face. He lives in an urban world dominated by a terrifying gang culture, whose random violence has convinced Jamie that the world is meaningless and ugly. But then Jamie meets someone who tells him the truth. The violence is not random. It's far from chaotic. There is a reason for everything. Once Jamie accepts this the world reveals itself as a thing of great beauty... And that's when his real nightmare starts...

Let's hope we can find a trailer soon..

UPDATE: One of the producers just got back to me and since the film was finished only a week ago, there won't be a trailer till just before or after the fest.

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