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quietearth [Celluloid 06.30.09] movie trailer news drama western

I'm not going to tell you what this film is about. Instead, I ask that you watch the trailer and see if it provides any direction because even after watching the trailer, reading the synopsis, then watching the trailer again, I still couldn't discern anything at all from the trailer. Hollywood, take note. What follows is a beautifully shot period western directed by Kriv Stenders.

Trailer and synopsis after the break.

1902….the Australian Federation is a year old. 12 year-old Tom's beloved father Nat has dragged him and his sister Sarah to an isolated farm at the edge of the woods. But Nat’s dream of living off the land has died and he is losing his grip on sanity. When three ex-soldiers arrive at their cabin one night Tom, like his father, believes they are providence. “Your mother always said never turn away strangers, they may be angels in disguise…”

But their presence becomes more menacing when one of them reveals a secret: he's found gold. As the lure of gold infects everyone around him the cabin becomes a psychological battleground in which Tom and Sarah’s loyalty is put to the ultimate test.

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Pat (11 years ago) Reply

its about the goldrush and how materiality can consume people. also got the feeling it will touch on the themes of religion, faith and rural paganism.


Auth (8 years ago) Reply

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