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Christopher Webster [Cathode Ray Mission 06.17.09] Tuvalu apocalyptic news cyberpunk scifi video

Virtuality airs on Fox on June 26 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. That, we knew already. What we didn't know is that Fox is now billing the program as "an original science-fiction thriller movie" and not the pilot of a possible series. It would appear as though Fox does not have a lot of faith in the project, and after watching this 12 minute promo spot for the show I can sort of see why. It's excruciatingly paced, flaccid and surprisingly bland. As far as I can tell, the show contains none of the gritty characteristics that made Battlestar Galactica so compelling.

However, it could also just be a bad promo. Many early reviews have been fairly decent.

The crew of the Phaeton is approaching the go/no-go point of their epic 10-year journey through outer space. With the fate of Earth in their hands, the pressure is intense. The best bet for helping the crew members maintain their sanity is the cutting-edge virtual reality technology installed on the ship. It's the perfect stress-reliever until they realize a glitch in the system has unleashed a virus on to the ship. Tensions mount as the crew decides how to contain the virus and complete their mission. Meanwhile, their lives are being taped for a reality show back on Earth

I really like the mix of apocalyptic and cyberpunk elements in this story and I hope it's decent.

Watch the promo spot (via: scificool) after the break.

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Athlon (12 years ago) Reply

He have head mounted display :) "mix of apocalyptic and cyberpunk" WOW :)


muttley (12 years ago) Reply

sy-fy tv + reality tv =

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