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It's official. Germany's dark prince, Marcus Nispel, is directing Millennium's Conan reboot. This is AWESOME news! Next to Neil Marshall (or maybe Michael Bassett), Nispel was one of my top choices.

Of course I know what you're asking. Why is Nispel a good choice? Besides one mediocre fantasy-esque picture (Pathfinder) what's he done to make agentorange get all hot and bothered about his work? Well, you're right. However much I enjoy the idea of Pathfinder the movie itself is pretty bland. However, I blame Laeta Kalogridis' stilted screenplay and Nils Gaup's uninspired an cliched original story for the film's weaknesses and not Nispel, who put the scariest vikings ever on film. Those guys are big, mean dudes who belonged in a Robert E. Howard novel more than a historical epic.

I trust Nispel to push the film towards a hard R rating and not puss out on the subject matter like Brett Ratner or James McTeigue no doubt would. Those bozos make slick comic-book movies, whereas a Conan movie needs to be "earthy." The world that Robert E. Howard concocted for Conan is a violent, evil and dangerous place full of magic and pulpy sexuality. I think Nispel can take us there. And, as long as there is a compelling story at the core of the film, it should be an intense trip. Even though I never really cared about his horror remake work, its hard to deny that Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a force to be reckoned with.

This news is going to piss a lot of Robert E. Howard fans off who don't follow film and see Nispel as just some horror remake hack. For me, I see Nispel as one of the most intriguing choices for the project.

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loci (13 years ago) Reply

brill news!
ive been wishing for this for a long time


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

but pathfinder sucked so much! It had a few (like 2 moments that were cool) but it was just so stupid. I liked his friday the 13th though. Who knows maybe he will suprise me.


thePicaroony (13 years ago) Reply

Woot! my balls are on fire with excitement! The man who directed Amy Grant: Building the House of Love and The Very Best of Cher: The Video Hits Collection not to mention the unforgivable forgettable failure that was Pathfinder and the anal snorefest Friday the 13th (except for some quality boobige) has been given shitting on rights to what should be the most beautifully brutal of all sword and sorcery movies. Congratulations you bleeding tossers.

Love the site btw.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

it will probably still remain in development hell with all the rest


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

I like Marcus Nispel as a director, BUT...

It doesn't matter who the director is. The Conan script by Donnelly and Oppenheimer is crap. It's a terrible script that has nothing to do with Robert E. Howard.

A good director can rarely salvage a bad script.


ralf44 (13 years ago) Reply

Marcus Nispel is a great choice for Conan and Drasko Andjic is Serbian unknown actor but ideal for mighty Cimerian warior!

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