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Christopher Webster [DVD News 06.10.09] movie apocalyptic news scifi dvd horror

Back in the late nineties, when the public's fear of the Y2K apocalypse was at its zenith, many films about "end of days" prophecies went into production. From arty films, like Don McKellar's Last Night, to meat-headed, would be blockbusters like the Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle, End of Days, movies were there to at least entertain us while we awaited our fate.

Well now, almost ten years after Y2K failed to deliver on its apocalyptic promises and End of Days underwhelmed most everyone, Universal apparently has decided to move into development on a straight-to-dvd sequel called End of Days: Damnation. Bloody-disgusting, who received the news from a tipster at the studio, don't know much else other than it'll see release "sometime in 2010."

Interesting side note: As I write this, I am watching Peter Hyams' 2010: The Year We Make Contact. Kind of a weird coincidence.

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bad dog (13 years ago) Reply

Of course, the movie was blasphemy, just as the Left Behind series is equally an abomination. The end of the world in Revelations is God's will, so if you oppose Satan's rise to power, you are opposing God's will, which gets you a ticket to Hell regardless of your intentions. Instead of fighting Satan with a shotgun, Arnold should have helped him take over the world, so the end of days would occur and we could all go to Heaven--an eternity of blissful union with our Creator--without having to die.

Instead, Arnold won, thwarting the will of God and earning us who knows how long imprisonment in this corporeal universe. Way to screw up the Rapture, Arnold!


projectcyclops (13 years ago) Reply

You just made my day bad dog, thanks.

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