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quietearth [Celluloid 06.10.09] trailer news short

I love that headline and it's about bloody time we brought a turtle into the post apocalyptic canon. Ok well technically we don't know if it's PA, but we can hope. From director Gary Michael Schultz comes a short film called Who is Jude? based on a short story by Luis Alberto Perez. Love the Portishead in the teaser!

JUDE, a lonely anti-social tech geek, and his only friend, his pet turtle BRONSON, are faced with a catastrophic situation beyond the walls of their tiny garden apartment. With no electricity and no form of communication to the outside world, JUDE is warned about a possible terrorist-attack taking place outside his home by the woman that lives above him, IRIS with whom he is infatuated. Are these occurrences the plot of some sick joke? Or is Jude's world really coming to an end?

Teaser after the break. Bet sure to hit HD and we can credit this awesome find to our friend Avery.

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Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

I always love when a doggy is in a PA movie,
now we finally have a turtle.

The turtle is definitely faster than those computer sitting om the desk.

Well he has a baseball bat, i hope he is not going to use the turtle as the ball.

Can turtles survive a nuclear fallout ?


SydneyLeach (12 years ago) Reply

"Tortoise? What's that?"
"You know what a turtle is?"
"Of course!"
"Same thing."


agentorange (12 years ago) Reply


"You want to know about my mother? I'll tell you about my mother..."


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

lol maybe a king of remake of "A boy and his dog" Is the turtle talking too ? ;-)


JackCrow (12 years ago) Reply

Remins me of PI

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