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quietearth [Celluloid 06.03.09] movie trailer news comedy western

I'm not sure where the term "pizza western" came from, maybe those in Spain just use that reference instead of spaghetti western, or maybe someone clever thought it up for what it is, some type of mockery of the whole gangster/western thing. A comedy by director and star Salomón Shang, this thing looks pretty damn sweet. Now if only I could find his arthouse quasi-postapocalyptic film Reencarnación I would be happy, so if anyone knows where a trailer or a copy of it is available, please let me know. And yes, I'm aware it got terrible reviews.

Butchered translation of a synopsis:
A murderer, terminal illness, wants to fulfill the last task, to find the daughter of the powerful woman who hired him. Nothing should stand in its mission, kill without mercy to anyone who will obstruct the path. A strange and beautiful woman joins together and continue their adventure ... till death do us part. A history of petty criminals involved in violence and dramatic irony.

Teaser after the break. Translation please! (Yeah I been asking for those a lot lately)

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