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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.01.09] movie news

Ever since we excitedly reported that Dimension Extreme had quoted our review on their release of Marc Caro's Dante 01, we've been getting reports from readers of possible sightings of more quotes on DVDs around the world. And now, thanks to QE reader, entizari, we've received a couple photos showing a quote from our fearless leader, quietearth, on the Australian R4 release of Lionsgate's Gene Generation (review). So big thanks to entizari for sending the shots. Studios don't usually ask or let you know when they plan on using a quote from your site so it's always a surprise when you see this stuff out in the "real world." It's awesome to know that people are out there helping spread the good QE word.

I've decided to include a larger image after the break because you can see that the box is right next to a copy of High School Musical 3 and for some weird reason that made me laugh.

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entizari (12 years ago) Reply

Alphabetical order is the great equaliser of the film world :)


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Whta about being compensated for your quoted article? More because it's being used to profit --of which you will not see a dime.

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