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quietearth [Celluloid 05.29.09] trailer news short horror fantasy

Based on the book "Lizac ostrze" ("Licking the blade") by polish fantasy author Jakub Cwiek, I still am not sure what this is about, but we've got a teaser trailer and a translated synopsis thanks to our friend D'mooN over at Opium. While the teaser might be short and not look like much, the industrial photography has me pretty excited.. this could be some serious badassness. IT's directed by Michał Jaros and written by Jakub Ćwiek.

Kacper Drelich, a policeman committed to his job, is always in readiness. Willing to sacrifice for a cause, he does not notice that slowly, day after day, the happiness of his home is fading. But not for long... Painful awakening in a deserted factory and meeting a mysterious torturer will completely change his view of the world. But will Kacper ever get the chance to use the new experience? Will he be able to regain his freedom and come back to regain what he has lost? He still sees a flicker of hope only because of a promise he made to his son. That's because promises made to children are kept by God and his angels.

Teaser after the break.

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Iaan (13 years ago) Reply

I'm from Poland and I say: It will be big shit... Polish fantasy and horror movies always are shitty

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