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quietearth [Celluloid 05.28.09] movie news drama

As I sit here listening to Deltron 3030, I ponder a world where Tarr will no longer be making films instead favoring the producer's chair. See, his last film is supposed to be The Turin Horse and from what I've read, he's already getting sick of all the hooplah surrounding film (he walked out on an interview but I can't remember where I read this). No more Damnation or Sátántangó? The world will be a lesser place, let's hope some protege will continue the tradition of the slow rolling camera. The Man From London hit IFC on demand starting yesterday, and I would highly recommend it.. it's my favorite Tarr film. All we've had since the film came out was this short clip, so enjoy!

A man whose lonely life at the edge of the sea has become as predictable as the tide witnesses a murder that sends him on an existential journey the likes of which he could never have anticipated in director Béla Tarr's philosophical drama. Maloin had reached a point in life where he was content to embrace loneliness while turning a blind eye to the inevitable decay that surrounded him. Upon bearing witness to a shocking murder, however, the man who once lived a life of quiet solitude is forced to wrestle with such profound issues as punishment, mortality, and the sin of complicity in a crime he didn't even commit. Now, despite Maloin's simple wish to be free and happy, he must journey deep within his inner-self to confront emotions that he never once fathomed in his long yet uneventful existence.

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