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quietearth [Celluloid 05.21.09] movie news horror fantasy

From A.D. Calvo (The Other Side of the Tracks) comes a project which falls in the line with the growing trend of macabre fairytale adaptations to screen (eg. Malice in Wonderland). While I've been in touch with the director, we still know little about the project other then that it's in development, they're still raising funds, and it will star newcomer Amy Crowdis. Calvo hopes to begin production this October and says: "We believe the film will resonate strongly with both David Lynch and NINE INCH NAIL fans." I'm hoping for a visually stunning tale of psychadelic madness.

After wavering on her end of a suicide pact, Snow White, a young woman who appears to be the fairest of them all, finds herself trapped in a fantastical nightmare world. As she journeys through seven portals in search of an escape, she comes to realize the cause of her tremendous sense of guilt, the secret she's been hiding, and the reason behind her travels.

You can join the Facebook group here. More as it comes!

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