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quietearth [Film Festival 05.19.09] movie news horror

I've repeatedly tried getting in touch with anyone on this project so we can get a trailer, but as it's getting a market premier in Cannes I'm guessing that's where everybody is, so I'm not holding off on it any longer. Having it's world premier at EIFF (which our own projectcyclops will be attending) is the low budget Brit horror Salvage by feature-length first timer Lawrence Gough, and while I really haven't seen much about it the whole quarantine thing sounds awesome and I'm looking forward to reading pc's review!

When a shipping container washes ashore, its deadly cargo escapes to wreak havoc on a suburban neighborhood. Is this a terrorist attack or something more sinister? As the military enforce a quarantine, a mother must overcome all the odds to save her estranged daughter.

That's all we got for now folks..

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projectcyclops (11 years ago) Reply

I bet the have the press screening at 8am, they do that with Horror just to separate the men from the boys... can't wait though.

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