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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.15.09] movie trailer news horror

The first trailer for Dark House, Darin Scott's much anticipated haunted house yarn, has hit (via: DC) and I must say it reminds me a lot of the high energy teen scare flicks I used to watch back in the eighties. It's got cheap yet effective scares (ie. hands jumping out of computer monitors), it revels in some devilish and over-the-top theatrics, and doesn't seem to mind building on a campy and somewhat overused premise. It also features some amazing practical make-up work.

A group of young actors is recruited to work for the "Dark House," a new haunted house attraction built by impresario, Walston Rey. His revolutionary new holographic system projects images of monsters throughout the house in an infinite number of variations.

Walston has deliberately chosen a house which fourteen years before was the scene of a grizzly massacre perpetrated by Ms. Darode. Slowly the group begins to realize that things are not what they appear. The house locks down and the attractions begin to attack the actors with murderous intent as they frantically work to shut down the system and understand what happening. Could it all be just a computer malfunction and an attempt to ruin Walston or has the spirit of Ms. Darode returned to take care of some unfinished business...

For more on Dark House, be sure and visit its Official site. Trailer after the break!

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JvC (13 years ago) Reply

Uhm this reminds me too much of a buffy episode! (Season 2 or 3, with anya dressed up as a bunny)

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