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These remind of the Lynchian and incredibly stunning Nuit Noire, but unfortunately, their only publicity stills. We can hope this entire UK indie which is directed by Ian Fielding and currently in post is shot the same way but I highly doubt it.

Wilby Park is a psychological thriller set in the fictional village of Wilby, embedded somewhere in the south of England. Monica Hamlyn (played by Claire Conroy) is studying creative writing. She lives with her friend Bailey (Susan Momoko Hingley), who studies fine art. When Monica invites a new flatmate, Emily Bodega (Laura Evelyn), into the fold, she lets in more than she bargained for.

Emily harbours an obsessive crush on Martin Dagenham (Andrew Mills), who is desperately trying to avoid her. That doesn’t stop Emily trying to stop anyone who stands in her way. A deadly cat and mouse game between the girls ensues. The nefarious plots of the twisted housemate become darker and more convoluted than even Emily herself conceived. Doubts, fears, and accusations escalate into intimidation, terror, and bleakest violence.

Stills after the break. via Dread Central

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Hi - more of Harry Sewell's lovely photography can be found at:


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

Sounds and looks like it's going to be a pretty great film.

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